Gin Rimmington Jones is a photographic artist based in Brighton, UK. Her work explores ideas of perception and coexistence between the human and the natural worlds. A lens-based artist, she interrogates the space between landscape, representation and the image to embody the complexity of spatial relations that make up a landscape.

“I can look at the world in a state of ‘not knowing’ and connect with something inner, something primal… that is what I am drawn to. Viewers have commented that my work is both conceptual and makes you feel something, and I take that as the highest of compliments. Growing up on a farm has given me a deep-rooted connection to the land and how we relate to it, to questions of dwelling and coexistence. I hope that viewers will be stirred to slow down and have a rethink of what surrounds them, what they are a part of … I am encouraging a deeper connection that goes beyond words. The gap between knowing and naming is where the magic of the experience of a landscape resides. An image can be an effective vessel for the things that cannot be said… I am saying the unsayable.”

2016-2018 MA in Photography [Distinction] University of Brighton, UK



2020 : Solo show The Writing of Stones showing alongside Somewhere among us a stone is taking notes at Argentea Gallery, Birmingham B3 1RB, 17 September - 31 October

2020 : Joya-AiR, Almeria, Spain further two weeks residency, March

2020 : Portfolio Special Mention, Somewhere among us a stone is taking notes, Urbanautica SACRED open call Somewhere among us a stone is ...

2020 : Cluster Photography and Print February, London

2020 : Photo Scratch, January, London

2019 : Dartmoor Summer School of Photography, August, with Brendan Barry, Jem Southam, Susan Derges, Sian Bonnell, Jason Evans and Sian Davey

2019 : Joya-AiR international artist residency May, Almeria, Spain

2019 : LoosenArt Gallery international group exhibition Environment Documenta 24 April - 1 May, Rome

2019 : Winner of the inaugural Metro Imaging/Satori mentorship award [2019-2020]

2018 : Long listed for the Jerwood/Photoworks Award

2018 : Viewpoints at The Photographers' Gallery, a talk to the public on one image from the Tish Murtha show

2018 : Somewhere among us a stone is taking notes, Source online

2018 : Somewhere among us a stone is taking notes, self-published artist made book, limited edition of 5

2018 : Somewhere among us a stone is taking notes, group exhibition From the Flow of Appearances, Photography MA show at Grand Parade Gallery, Brighton

2015 : Endings was part of the group show Miraculous Urgency, Now and Again Gallery, Brighton

2014 : work featured in Night Owls a short film by Roy Petersen about an experiential night-time stroll with a group of photographers and models, led by Julia Horbasck


Photomonitor on The Writing of Stones

Artisan Alchemy on The Writing of Stones


Urbanautica Sacred open call

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Metro Imaging/Satori mentorship award