Gin Rimmington Jones, is a photographic artist based in Brighton, UK

2016-2018 MA in Photography at the University of Brighton

Matters of the earth form the bedrock of my practice, and I am drawn to subjects that touch on the trace of human gestures in the landscape at the point of connection. Endlessly fascinated by this complex interrelationship between culture, nature and the image, I seek to question the primacy of Western anthropocentrism by engaging with the potential of the natural world's relationship with us.

My practice is primarily research-based, encompassing notions of landscape within the disciplines of philosophy, history, archaeology, the sciences and the arts, but my work nonetheless is more interested in our emotional and embodied response to landscape, and how we might navigate our way within that, rather than pure intellectual enquiry. I use my camera to feel my way into any given landscape, or space; it is an extension of my philosophical need to understand the world around me. Landscapes are, in the end, cultural constructs overlaid with what we expect to see, what we are conditioned to see; I seek to go beyond these coded 'apparent surfaces' using the tension between abstraction and representation that the photographic lends itself to so generously.

"My work is an ongoing celebration of the endless potential of the photographic to communicate visually; its suggested connection to the real has always fascinated me. Growing up on a farm has given me a deep-rooted relationship to Earth and to fundamental questions of dwelling and co-existence. I am interested in how we interact emotionally and physically with our surroundings. Whilst people are not present in my work, nonetheless it is the juxtaposition of the trace of our presence in dialogue with what might be considered primal space that fascinates me. I seek to explore the ways in which we might experience landscape as a space for sensuous encountering from within, and open up a wider conversation around the interconnectedness of humankind and the earth."

Exposure, achievements, recognition:

2019 : Joya-AiR international artist residency May, Almeria, Spain

2019 : LoosenArt Gallery international group exhibition Environment Documenta 24 April - 1 May, Rome

2019 : Winner Metro Imaging/Satori mentorship award [2019-2020]

2018 : long listed for the Jerwood/Photoworks Award

2018 : participated in Viewpoints at The Photographers' Gallery, giving a talk on one image from the Tish Murtha show

2018 : Somewhere among us a stone is taking notes published in Source graduate photography online

2018 : self-published hand made book, limited edition of 5, Somewhere among us a stone is taking notes

2018 : work from my series Somewhere among us a stone is taking notes was part of From the Flow of Appearances, Photography MA show at Grand Parade Gallery, Brighton

2015 : work from my series Endings was part of the Miraculous Urgency show at the Now and Again Gallery, Brighton

2014 : work featured in Night Owls a short film by Roy Petersen about an experiential night-time stroll with a group of photographers and models, led by Julia Horbasck